time itself. Fermented rice, honey,and fruit were being consumed as
early as 6,600 BC. Alcohol and civilization’s love affair continued into
the modern era as well. During the industrial revolution, beer became
safer to drink than water. Citrus was introduced to grog, the rum
staple of British sailors, to prevent scurvy. The Gin and Tonic was
introduced in the 1700's to treat malaria and there is now scientific
proof that red wine has legit health benefits.

Most of us have our own history with drinking as well... our first
taste, our first party, “that crazy time when...”. Some of our fondest
memories begin with drinking. Many of us meet our significant
others over drinks. We conduct business, mourn loved ones, and
celebrate milestones in the communal atmosphere of bars and
entertainment venues. Our hobbies tend to have a relationship with
drinking, as well. Who doesn’t grab a beer at a concert or bring wine
to a dinner party? Even sanctioned events like 5Ks and half-marathons
use alcohol to celebrate the finish line. And who hasn't gone over
to a good friends house to be the sacrificial guinea pig to test their
latest hobby, homebrew?

The crucial aspect of social drinking is that we not focus so much
on the drinking itself but the socializing and bonding that follows.
Alcohol is the perfect “social lubricant”, helping us to relax and converse
more easily. And it’s great for decompressing after a long day. Getting
drinks can be a good way to be more relaxed when meeting
someone new or when socializing after a stressful work week.

At HOMEBREW, we embrace our drinking heritage and
celebrate the positive social aspects it entails. As with
everything, over-indulgence is not a good thing.

Drink responsibly and - LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!